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This page is devoted to my interest in tuning, modifying and driving my 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 and my 2003 Volkswagen 20th Anniversary Edition GTI.

My 1990 VW Corrado G60

My 2003 VW 20th Anniversary GTI

Local VW Get Togethers

In addition to descriptions of these two vehicles, you'll also find suggestions on tuning them and making modifications to improve looks, handling and performance (not necessarily in that order).  

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I also use this page to document some of the local Volkswagen meets and get-togethers (GTGs).  There's a great group of VW people in the DC area.  We get together pretty frequently and do a pretty good job representing Volkswagen at local sport compact car shows.  With the popularity of Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas and Nissans, the VWs are pretty seriously outnumbered.  There are some beautiful cars in this area.

Finally a photo of ME is on my own web site. ;) That is me in the reflection of a Porsche Carerra S bumper. Not bad paint, eh?

Taken by my friend Mike... I just adjusted it a bit.


Dropped 337 at Metro Dubs meet in August, 2003

Love those wide lips...  Metro Dubs in September, 2003

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What's New?

9/15/2006: I finally got to work on my GTI some. I replaced the front sway bar bushings and did a complete how2.

10/22/2005: I did a ghetto paint job on my wheels. They looked bad, so I painted them black. They look AWESOME! and it didn't cost me much.

10/19/2005: I forgot that I'd done a page to help with removing the front bumper on a GTI. I did it a year and a half ago and never really put a link to it on the main mod page. I'm rarely mistaken for Albert Einstein.

10/16/2005: Finally installed suspension on the GTI

10/1/2005: Mega Meet Benefit for Victims of Hurricane Katrina.

9/24/2005: East Coast Euro Club GTG in Rockville was added.

9/11/2005: I've done a TON of work on the Corrado body kit. You can read all about it here. There are a few (dozen) photos too.

8/28/2005: I updated the Blacked Out Emblems How2 to include photos and descriptions of doing the front emblem.

8/14/2005: I attended an autocross event at Fed Ex field last weekend. There were plenty of dubs.

8/06/2005: Shine Swaybar Install on the GTI is DONE! It handles great now.

11/04/2004: The November Tower GTG was pretty dang amazing.

10/27/2004: I went to a track day at MIR this week. No VWs were present, but some really fast vehicles were there.

10/01/04: This week's Tower GTG was a quite big affair.

9/19/04: Defi-Link Boost Gauge install

9/19/04: N75 J Install

9/19/04: Manual Boost Controller

07/22/04: Custom Ram-air Intake is installed. Come see it before I yank it. ;)

07/18/04: I added a how2 on blacking out your VW emblems.

07/17/04: Waterfest 10 Photos are up. I didn't shoot a lot, but the few that I shot turned out good.

07/09/04: Tower Records GTG in Fairfax, VA is up on the web site.

07/06/04: H&R Wheel Spacers are up on the web site. Its a simple mod, but it sure makes the car look great.

06/27/04: Wow, I haven't posted anything here in a while. Probably the latest thing that I've added is the Front Mount Intercooler. I think you'll like it.

04/03/04: VW Vortex Picnic photos from Sandy Point Park in Maryland.

01/18/04: Monster Mats are probably the most pathetic excuse for a mod in the history of tuning.  Oh well.  I'll post it on my web site. 

01/04/04: Washington DC Auto Show Photos are up. 

01/02/04: New Yakima Roof Rack photos up.  Don't miss these. :) 

12/16/2003: Started the Car Audio Page

12/14/2003: R32 Steering Wheel Pics are up!

12/12/2003: Added photos of the Hagas Mirrors and Rear Hatch Blend.

12/11/2003: Started posting pics of the new MkV European Tail LIghts

12/09/2003: Posted pics of the KOP Charity GTG

11/30/2003: Posted pics of the VW GTG at the Accenture Parking Lot

11/29/2003: Yakima Roof Rack Installation

11/26/2003:  Added For Sale page

11/25/2003: Put photos up of the Carbon Fiber Interior Panels for the GTI.

11/21/2003: Dulles Town Center Get-together photos are up!

11/20/2003: Installed Smoked Side Blinkers on my GTI.

11/18/2003: Installed the European Aero and Polo Windshield Wipers on my GTI

11/15/2003: Added photos of my Overkill Ground project. 

11/05/2003: Added photos of my Touareg Flashlight.

11/04/2003:  Added photos of the new smoked corner markers for my GTI

10/29/2003:  The whole site is new!  I just did a re-org of my old web site and started this from scratch.  

This page was last updated on 03/27/04.