Corrado Gauges


A while back I installed a narrow band air fuel gauge and a boost gauge. I wasn't really doing much with how2s back then, so I didn't describe that process. At some point I'll redo the gauges and I'll make a write-up at that poing.

More recently, I started with the simplest gauge on this install. The Fuel Pressure gauge. I used a T-fitting from 42 Draft Designs. I went out to Summit Racing and bought an Aeromotive 100psi fuel pressure gauge. The whole setup cost me about $40 including shipping. The install is amazingly simple.

Attach the gauge to the t-fitting making sure to use a layer of teflon tape to help seal it.

Splice into the feed line for the fuel rail and clamp the gauge in.

You're done!!!

It doesn't look like it because of the flash, but the motor is running at the moment. That's why the gague is reading about 50psi. This gauge isn't that important in my current configuration, but I'm planning on going to an adjustable fuel pressure regulator so I can tune the motor a little more with that. Part of why I'm running rich at this point is that I think I've got a little too much fuel pressure.

Let me know if you've got questions via e-mail.

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