Injector Install -- The hard way.
Peter Beers

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Its time for the big injectors again. I put the stock ones back in for a while to pass emissions. It worked great, but I think the old injectors aren't working well. They're clogged. The injector harness was dogged too. The insulation had cracked and there was so much resistance in it that it wasn't sending the right amount of fuel. I got a new harness from a MkII GTI and it fits perfectly. I then went through the install process. Click through the photos for the whole play by play on it.

I say that this is the hard way to do the injector install because the easiest way is to take the intake manifold off. I put an insulating spacer between my intake manifold and the head. It is a pain to get that thing on and off, so I chose to do this by taking off the valve cover. Many of the processes you'll do if you take the intake manifold off will be the same. It is just easier to access some of the bolts.

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