Tires and Wheels

These are one of the sets of wheels that I got with my Corrado. They are Borbet Type T wheels with Dunop Sport W10 tires. The wheel size is 16x7.5 with 35 ET. The tires are 205/45/R16.

The previous owner didn't believe in rotating the tires. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr The rear tires have 95% of their tread. The fronts have between 35 and 40% of theirs.

The wheels are in almost perfect shape. There is a tiny bit of curbage on one wheel and a small scratch on the center section of another. That is all documented in the photos below.

4 wheels and a photo of my left foot. (No charge for the photo of my foot)

Wheel #1

Wheel #2

Wheel #3

Wheel #4

Close-up of Wheel #1

Brand and Tire

Dunlop SP Sport W10

Abe Lincoln with the curbage on Wheel #1

Wheel #2 Close up

Abe Lincoln poses with the Scratch on Wheel #2

Wheel #3 Close-up

Wheel #4 Close-up

Abe Lincoln up to his neck in Dunlop W10

Barely up to Abe Lincoln's arm pits



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