Painting Wheels Black
Peter Beers

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I had kind of a vehicular car care melt down last winter. I got so swamped wtih things that I didn't take the time to wash my wheels for over a month. On a 20th AE GTI with stock brake pads, that is the kiss of death. The OEM Pagid pads release a lot of corrosive dust and it pitts the wheels pretty quickly. I scrubbed and used any manner of stuff to clean the wheels. They all made the wheels look okay, but never great.

At some point my intent is to get my wheels professionally powder coated black. I had a free day and a spare $20 in my wallet, so I decided to do a ghetto paint job myself.

This was an adventure for me. My goal was to do a ghetto paint job, but make it look good... really good. I figured that if I was meticulous, methodical and thorough, that I could make the wheels look pretty damn good and do so for less than $20.

Before diving into the How2 on this, I'd like to say that I completely failed at this. I'm actually pretty ashamed of how it all turned out. The wheels are pretty close to perfect. You have to look at them very closely to see mistakes. The bad part about it is that I went $4 over my budget... sort of. With luck I'll be able to drop the totaly financial outlay down to $18 and change. ;)




That's it. It took me ALL day and into the night to do this job. I started at about 6:30am and finished up at around 9pm. The results are great! If Pep Boys lets me return the extra can of clear coat, I'll even make it in a little under budget. ;)

Let me know if you've got questions.

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