Defi Boost Gauge

This close-up is a bit deceptive, the gauge isn't THAT big.

These are a little pricey, but they work well and look great on the dash.

Gauge Packaging

Control Unit

This is closer to my normal vantage point of the dash. I have to lean a tiny bit to the left to see what time it is.

Center console with the control unit

Close-up of the Control Unit

Thsi shows a side view of the gauge.

The installation wasn't difficult, but rather time consuming to do right.

I tapped into the boost line that leads to the fuel pressure regulator. You use a 3/8" T and send a vacuum tube to the Defi boost signal sender that I attached to the firewall.

The wire goes from the signal sender through the firewall to the back of the control unit.

The control unit is wired up with 12v constant, 12v switched, illumination, and ground wires. All of these except for the 12v switched are located in the center console, right below where I mounted the control unit. The 12v Switched line came from the steering column. I just tapped into the same line that I used for the turbo timer install.

There is then a wiring harness that goes from the control unit to the boost gauge. The great thing about this system is that all of the gauges are wired from one to another. That means that only one wire needs to go from the control unit. All of the sensors plug into the control unit and the signals are passed out to the gauges through one wiring harness.

Next to come will be the EGT gauge.


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