Carbon Fiber Interior

I've always liked the look of real carbon fiber with a car.  In a car with a light colored interior, it really stands out and doesn't look so great.  But in a car with the black interior, the carbon fiber is subtle and a nice touch to add a little bling.   Adding CF to the interior must be done tastefully though.  There are a lot of kits out there where you stick carbon fiber stuff to your existing dash parts with double stick tape.  Though those can be installed so they look good to start out, they always seem to look like they are something that was added to the interior, rather than something that was meant to be there.  

The pieces that I've used on my GTI are real carbon fiber that is actually molded onto OEM parts.  It adds a good contrast to all the aluminum 20th Anniversary Edition trim.  

Here's the list of parts I've done so far:

Sunroof Panel    Climate Control Panel   Gauge Panel  Door Handles

Sunroof Panel

The GTI has a small panel that covers the emergency sunroof controls.  These controls allow you to manually close the sunroof if there is a problem with the motor.  The cloth one looked good and matched the interior pretty well.  The CF one adds a bit more bling and adds a personal touch. 


Heat/AC Control Panel

This will go around the heater/AC controls.  It'll break up the aluminum trim a bit. 


Gauge Panel:  This panel will go above my new stereo head unit and will house oil pressure, oil temp and water temp gauges. 

Gauge Panel

Door Handles

Driver's Door

Passenger Door

Passenger side  The lighting is a little weird since it is pre-dawn.  You get the idea though. 

Drivers' side


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