Fiberglass Sub Enclosure
Peter Beers

I_MG_5509 I_MG_5510 I_MG_5511 I_MG_5512 I_MG_5513
I_MG_5509.jpg         I_MG_5510.jpg         I_MG_5511.jpg         I_MG_5512.jpg         I_MG_5513.jpg        
I_MG_5514 I_MG_5516 I_MG_5518 I_MG_5519 I_MG_5520
I_MG_5514.jpg         I_MG_5516.jpg         I_MG_5518.jpg         I_MG_5519.jpg         I_MG_5520.jpg        

I finally have the time to get rid of the extremely heavy sub box that I built a few years back. Don't get me wrong, the sub that is in there sounds GREAT. It isn't even THAT ugly. I just wanted something lighter. This isn't going to be featherweight by any stretch of the imagination. I thought I'd build something though and see how it turned out. This also may be a temporary sub since this is my first attempt at fiberglas fabrication. I've repaired stuff before. I've just never built something from scratch.

Because of the shape that I wanted, it made sense to do a hybrid fiberglass/mdf box. I started on it yesterday and made pretty good progress. Much of the frame that you see above will be removed once the fiberglass is in place.

Unfortunatley it got too cold for my glass to set up properly. Even adding more hardener wouldn't help. It really needs to be above 60 degrees to lay fiberglass. That kinda stinks I was looking forward to getting it done for the weekend. I tore all the glass work off that I started and I'm going to start from scratch. Live and learn. :D

I may end up tossing this whole design for something much simpler. We'll see.

More to come later.


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