Eurojet Front Mount Intercooler

Installation Photos

Finished Photos

Gracie likes Eurojet

I do too

The whole kit


The first step is to remove the bumper. Click here to see those instructions.

The SMIC shroud just clips off.

Here's the SMIC

Upper intercooler bolts. Gotta remove those. I used a 10mm socket for the one close to me, and a 10mm socket with a long extension to reach down from on top for the far one.

Lower intercooler bolt. It comes right out. You can then loosen the hose clamps and remove the intercooler.

Motor above... See the clamp that holds the turbo outlet pipe? There's another down further to the left. Both need to be removed. The last clamp on the pipe from the turbo to the intercooler is up behind the side mount intercooler. If you feel your way back up the pancake pipe, you'll feel where it is bolted to the engine bay. I never saw it while it was on the car, I just felt it and removed it. If you have the car on jacks, you can probably see it pretty easily.

Here's what came out

Pancake pipe. You can see where it bolts to the car on the right side.

GTI with the Rebar removed. I took the rebar into the shop and drilled the holes to mount the intercooler core. I'd measured where I wanted to place the core before removing the the rebar. I trimmed the plastic lip on the radiator schroud. I didn't have to though. I wanted the intercooler to stand further away from the radiator, even though it would mean that I had to trim the bumper more. I'll show photos of the placement later.

Pipe run from the trottle body to the intercooler

Throttle body and the intercooler pipe. At this point I measured the silicone connector and cut it to the right side. I've got an EXTREMELY sharp hunting knife that I use to cut silicone connectors. It cuts just like butta. If you don't have a sharp knife, get one.

Engine bay with the intercooler piping on.

Lower intercooler piping. I had to cut a hole through the plastic engine cover in front of the fender well. I still need to trim off the t-bolt clamps when I'm happy with the install.

Close-up of the core placement. You can see how I made the core stand an inch off the radiator. You can also see where I trimmed the shroud.

Another shot of the engine bay.

This is a shot of the throttle body before I installed the t-bolt clamps. I had to buy those seperately since the ones that came with the kit didn't fit this connector.

Final hose connections above the turbo. If you look carefully, you can see that I doubled up on the clamp to the turbo. I used a t-bolt clamp and an OEM clamp. I did this because this is the hose that is most prone to popping off. It already happend to me once and I had to limp home. I'm not entirely happy with the vacuum hose piping that goes to the diverter valve. It looks like it is almost kinked. I'm going to get some black hose and make a more gradual bend in it so it fits properly.

Final photo in the dark. I'll post up a better pic when I'm all done. I'm still modifying the grill and making a few changes.

Finished Photos

Is any project ever reall finished? Probably not. But I do have some pretty good photos of the FMIC in the form that I'm going to drive it for a while.

The stealth look. The Grillcraft grills look pretty dang good like this.

View from the top... You have to look pretty closely to see the tiniest corner of the intercooler.

I know its a little dirty... I haven't washed my 20th in a few days and I've driven a lot. But I thought the emblem looked pretty cool anyways.

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