Bumper Removal

Removing side markers. The front pushes in and the two hooks come out of the rear. Unplug the bulb housing without twisting.

Here's the bulb housing removed. That will just dangle when the bumper comes off.

NOTE: I forgot to put in photos of how to remove the grill. It isn't hard to do, but I'll add those in later this weekend.

Turn the wheels to one side and remove these 4 screws on in the wheelwell.

Here's another view of the 4 screws. Sorry for the dirty wheel wells. I hadn't washed the car in a while. Turn the wheels to the other side and remove those too. I didn't jack up the car for this.

Remove the torx bolts next to the headlights.

Remove the torx bolts near the headlights

Remove the torx bolt in the middle.

Don't forget the torx bolts on the other side

There are two more inside the grilles.

You can unsnap the grills from the bumper

Here's the bumper with the grills removed

Here's a better view of the last torx bolt to remove

Here's the bumper off. the foam just lifts gently off. I removed the bumper by myself. You can see I put some padding down for it to rest on when I took it off. I still scratched the corner of it. It might be easier with two people lifting it off.

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