H&R Track + Wheel Spacers

Gracie Likes the new H&R Wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are a cosmetic change. Some folks will add 12mm spacers to the rear wheels to help with handling, but changes as radical as I'm doing here are probably not the best thing to make the car handle great. They really just make the car look good. I'll know more about the handling after I get them installed. The people that I know who have done this mod say that the car handles much better. All the tire tech people I know say that adding 10 and 20mm spacers doesn't do a lot of harm, but it really doesn't do much help either. \

This is a good "before" photo. You can see the gap between the outside of the tire and the inside of the fender well.


Here's a closer look. Mao and Gracie are playing with the spacers

This is a real close-up. The closer ones are 20mm, the ones further back are 10mm.

Back Wheel Before Spacer

Back Wheel After Spacer

Rear Spacer

Looking from the back of the car

Profile shot

Profile of front wheel.

Now I need to set up my suspension to get rid of some of the gap between the fender and the tire. :)

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