I've broken down my modifications into different areas:

Lighting Mods    Interior Mods    Performance Mods    Exterior Mods    Suspension Mods

I've got a bunch more exterior mods to be done.  I just haven't had time to take things to the paint shop.   

Lighting Mods

Euro Rear Fog Lights The Mk IV GTI's all come with the optics and bulb fixtures to install rear fog lights.  They are not fog lights like the ones up front... they look more like really bright brake lights. 



Euro Headlight Switch

The US spec. headlight switch is really boring.  You can turn the headlights and fog lights on.  The headlights must be on to turn the fogs on.  There is no control for the rear euro fogs. 

The stock euro spec. headlight switch is good, but not perfect.  It isn't wired or lighted for the rear fogs.  The "click" is there and the place for the LED is there, but they're isn't an LED or the wiring to light it. 

The How2 section of VWMkIV.com is the site that talks about the euro switch install as well as setting up the LED to turn on with the rear fogs. 

The re-wired switch allows me to turn on the city lights and fogs independently of the headlights.  The LEDs light up depending on which lights are switched on. 


Smoked Corner Markers

Corner lights on the bumper look better smoked than the stock yellow.  


Touareg Flashlight

The silliest mod I've done yet.

Smoked Side Turn Signals


MkV Tail Lights


European E-Code Headlights



Interior Mods

Rieger Illuminated Shift Knob I really like the looks of the stock "golf ball" shift knob on the 20th Anniversary GTI.  It is a classic look and it fits with the interior.  The problem is that it isn't very comfortable.  It doesn't fit well in my hand and shifting isn't as much fun as it should be on a car like this.  The stock shift stalk is also really long.  I felt like I was shifting my old VW van. 

By Day

By Night

That has been remedied now.  Click on the image above to see more photos of the new shift knob.


LED Creations Interior Lights

The stock dome light and reading lights are nice, but they didn't really add to the style of the car.  Then I found LED Creations...

New dome lights and reading lights


Turbo Timer Installation

The best thing you can do to preserve the life of your turbo is to install a turbo timer.  Here's the how-to. 


Carbon Fiber Interior Panels


R32 Steering Wheel


Car Audio



New Sub Enclosure


Monster Mats

This is a more pathetic excuse for a mod than the Touareg Flashlight.  Hahahah


Defi Gauges



Performance Mods

Overkill Ground


K&N Drop-in Filter This intake tends to have better performance than any of the "Cold Air Intakes" that are available for VWs.  You don't get the "Whooooooosh" noise of the diverter valve, but I can live without more noise. :) 


Eurojet Front Mount Intercooler



Revo 4-bar chip




Custom Ram-air intake






Manual Boost Controller


Exterior Mods

European Aero Front Wipers and Polo Rear Wipers

Roof Rack Installation


Hagus Mirrors


Caractere Rear Hatch Blend


S2000 Antenna


H&R Trak + Wheel Spacers


Gracie and the Wheel Spacers


Blacked out emblems



Bumper Removal


Though not actually a mod, it isn't a bad thing to know how to do this.


Ghetto Wheel Painting



Suspension Mods

Shine Real Racing Rear Sway Bar



FK Hightec 55/40 Suspension Install



Replace front sway bar bushings




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