Ram Air Intake


Final installation photo


MAF housing screws into the stock airbox.

Stock airbox removed

Space between fender and battery box. On my system, this is pretty tight. At the bottom of th epic, you can see that there is a plastic sheild that needs to be removed.

Battery and all plastic shielding behind headlight removed.

This is the hole that the ram air tubes need to go through. You can see the back of the bumper below.

Air filter housing installed. Inside the CF housing is a reverse cone K&N filter.

There are two 2.5" inlet pipes into the filter housing. I used steel hard pipes to attach to these, then rubber/plastic bellows intake piping to get air from the front bumper.

Bellows pipes getting fresh air from the bumper vent. I zip tied them to the FMIC

You can't see much from the front because of the black mesh grill.


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