East Coast Euro Meet -- 9/24/2005
Peter Beers

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This was my first GTG with the East Coast Euro Club. The meet was great. I was disappointed because I couldn't make it to H20 again this year. I'd been working hard on the Corrado, but it just wasn't ready for prime time yet. There is still way too much body work to be done and quite frankly I need to do some tuning on the motor too. I've got a boost leak to chase down.

So that is how I found myself driving to Tysons II to meet up with folks for the drive to Rockville for the meet. Oddly enough the mall security didn't have anything to say. I guess high dollar European cars don't send fear into the bones of security guys like the normal VW meets that Vortex has.

The drive was fun. You can see that I did a bit of point and shoot photography as I passed some cars and as they passed me.

This group is mostly BMW's this weekend since all the VWs and Audis were at H20. I think that even on a normal weekend there are a lot of M3s and 3 series Beamers in this group. My Corrado was definitely the turd in the punch bowl as far as cars go. Most were really well put together and some were spectacular. At least my wheels were clean. ;)

Pizza at Cici's was great and it was nice to meet some new folks. People really went out of their way to talk and be welcoming to new folks. I don't see that as much with Vortex GTGs. If you're not an outgoing person at a Vortex meet, it is easy to stand around and look at cars and not talk to anyone. I tend to do that a lot. That is where the camera comes in handy.

Enough babbling. Enjoy the photos.


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