One of the things that is great about the VW community is the way that they get together to admire each others' cars, solve problems that someone might be having, and share ideas for future modifications.  I've been going to VW get togethers (GTGs) for over 2 years now.  Its been a fun way to meet people and hang out with other dub-heads.

Vortex Picnic: April 3, 2004

NDRA Race at Virginia Motorsports Park

IRDC Race at MIR May 30, 2004

Tower GTG: July 9, 2004

Waterfest 10: July 17-18, 2004

Tower GTG October 1, 2004

MIR Track Day: October 27, 2004

Tower GTG: November 4, 2004

Autocross at Fed Ex Field: July 14, 2005

East Coast Euro GTG in Rockville: September 24, 2005

Mega Meet Benefit for Hurricane Katrina Victims: October 1, 2005

Corrado Meet: November 20, 2005


These are photos from a few of my favorite GTGs

Jetta from Audi S8 GTG at Toilet Bowl Building

Bora from Hard Times GTG Oct. 2003

Dave's Turbo Emblem

Red Jetta at Euromotion Charity Show in 2003

Motor of that red Jetta

Red Jetta Wheels

M3 Wheel at Euromotion Charity Show

RH Wheel at Euromotion Charity Show

Projekt Zwo Wheel at Euromotion Charity Show.

Fish Eye of a Bora at the Accenture GTG

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